Friday, October 26, 2007

Homeschoolers for Ron Paul

Here's something worth joining and supporting, Homeschoolers for Ron Paul.

From their website:

Homeschoolers for Ron Paul is a group of concerned home-educators who believe that parents should be free to make educational choices for their children without government interference. Ron Paul is committed to protecting parental rights, including the freedom to home-educate, and he has proven this with a consistent voting record and continued recognition of homeschoolers and their achievements.

Our goal is to form a nation-wide network of home-educators who support Dr. Paul's bid for the Presidency. We will use this network to gather and disseminate information- sharing Dr. Paul's message of educational-freedom with other homeschoolers.
Liberty in education includes the right to educate your children at home. Who better than the parent? Certainly, many disagree -- the NEA has a legislative platform statement advocating the end to the right to homeschool. Yet, why should the state and its minions have a monopoly on education?

Support Paul so that your children can learn, and not be indoctrinated.

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Shana said...

Every year, the NEA passes a resolution to end the right to homeschool. One has to wonder why the Home School Legal Defense Assocation would endorse a candidate that addressed the NEA at their yearly conference in July-
If I were an HSLDA member, I'd ask for my $100 yearly membership fee back and donate it to the Ron Paul campaign. It would certainly be put to better use.