Thursday, October 18, 2007

I call them Fascists; Walter Williams calls them Nazis. We're both right

I've called them fascists and ratfinks, while Walter E. Williams calls them Nazis. We're both right. It doesn't matter whether they are your neighbors, elected or unelected officials, or just some petty organization ... They are all, in William's words, cowards; too afraid to tell the rest of us to our face that we are not eating the right foods. So, they resort to laws and machinations to get the job done. Cowards. I like that ...

Read Williams' article The Freeman:

an excerpt:

Americans who’ve demanded government subsidized health care have been unwitting dupes, or as Comintern called those types, “useful idiots,” for America’s lifestyle Nazis. We’ve given them excuses to interfere with every aspect of our lives in the name of health-care costs. If a behavior impacts health-care costs, today’s lifestyle Nazi is Johnny-on-the-spot with a proposal to regulate that behavior.

Here’s my wager: I bet the lifestyle Nazis are also strong proponents of piecemeal repeal of our Second Amendment guarantees. Why? They want us to be defenseless. If, for example, C. Everett Koop wants me to stop eating meat and Robert Cohen wants me to stop drinking milk, let them physically stop me. I doubt they would risk the possibility of grave bodily injury. They’re cowards. So instead they want to enlist Congress and the courts to go after weak sisters—America’s restaurant owners and businessmen.

Many of us mistakenly label these people “nannies,” an inappropriate term for those who’d use the coercive, brutal powers of government to impose their values on others. More fitting labels are: tyrants, totalitarians, and yes, Nazis.

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