Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Liberty reading list

Henry Hazlitt assembled a list of 550 titles addressing the concept of Liberty in his book, THE FREE MAN'S LIBRARY: A Descriptive and Critical Bibliography, published in 1956.[1] One can only imagine the number of more-recent books deserving a spot among the 500. The sad fact is that there is no chance that I will make much of a dent in this list during my lifetime. But, there it is anyway.

The point: The next time your local school district creates a summer reading list, see how many Oprah recommendations and NY Times Best Sellers make the cut. I'd wager that none of the Hazlitt books will be listed. Why? Your local school districts are about feeding rot. Keep in mind, a unionized government workforce has no place for the concept of Liberty; just fluff and collectivist muddle.

[1] This book is available at as a downloadable PDF.

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