Tuesday, February 13, 2007

$3.5 million and counting: all for the public good

The Olentangy School District has now closed for it's fifth day out of the past eight days. While it's probably best that the students are home safe from the antics of Progressive educators, can't the administrators and teaching staff do something useful for the $3.5 million spent on the school system during the five closed days. Does it make sense that I am out $150 - my piece of the $3.5 million pie - while district employees are at home spending their days watching Price is Right, etc?

The rest of the professionals in the area have to brave the elements and perform productive services for their salary. Why can't the district staff do the same? Ah, yes, contracts, unions, and a government monopoly.

It's all for the public good. Or, that's what they tell us at tax levy time


Anonymous said...

you really have no clue what teachers do.. so, until you become a teacher.. or grade a paper.. shut up! You honestly think that the people in the CORPORATE world don't make money off of consumers.. millions... (say employees at companies like Citibank).. as they sit in cube world surfing the internet?? Get real... You seriously show your lack of intelligence through your idiotic responses..

Jim Fedako said...

Actually, I did teach in a public school system in Texas. So, yes, I have graded papers and prepared lessons. And, with effort, saw my classes achieve math TAAS scores above district and state averages. A huge improvement over the previous teacher.

You obviously never worked in the private sector, so it is you that should withhold comments.

No, employees in the private sector earn a wage because they provide a product that the consumer desires. They do not rely on coerced taxes for their source of income.

It's you that is earning money off the backs of those who don't appreciate your product. So, maybe you shoudl "get real."

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you taught in public schools. Why did you stop teaching? Also, once you wised up and realized you were sucking the blood out of tax payers did you just write a check back to the school district for your wages or did you refund each tax payer individually?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think those questions would stump you, guess I was wrong.

Jim Fedako said...

Certainly, it takes less than a year to see that public education has severe problems. Severe!

Sorry, no refund check coming your way.