Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An inconvenient utility bill

What can you say? Everyone one is contributing to global warming except Al Gore, though Gore has been averaging $30,000 in utility bills for his home alone. Amazing, yet true.

Gore continually earns his Academy Award as he plays the role of the wise sage. An Inconvenient Truth is a convenient lie. And even the so-called liberal press is catching on. From ABC NEWS


Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- $30,000 utility bill

2/27/07 - NASHVILLE, TN) - Back home in Tennessee, safely ensconced in his suburban Nashville home, Vice President Al Gore is no doubt basking in the Oscar awarded to "An Inconvenient Truth," the documentary he inspired and in which he starred. But a local free-market think tank is trying to make that very home emblematic of what it deems Gore's environmental hypocrisy.

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If Gore believed what he said, he'd be downsizing his carbon footprint.

Global warming is not a threat, though the green/socialist solution to so-called gobal warming is a great, and real, danger to the concepts that founded this country; Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.

Note: I really don't care how much Gore spends on utility bills, that's his business. In the same vein, the way I run my life is my business. Let's both leave it there. Yet, Gore wants me to lower my energy usage while he stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer, in this Tennessee dacha.

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