Friday, February 23, 2007

The Essential Writings of the Founding Fathers

Consider the writings of the Founding Fathers -- Jim Fedako

The Essential Writings of
the Founding Fathers
edited by Susan Dunn
Basic Books, 2006, hardcover

According to Laissez Faire Books:

So many books have been published on the Founding Fathers, and these historical figures wrote so much themselves, that it can be daunting to the casual reader. Thankfully, Susan Dunn has compiled a collection of essential letters and documents written by Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, each one granted his own section. Dunn ties them together with an informative introduction.

Franklin is mysteriously missing, but this volume is still an excellent and varied collection.

If you've been looking to read the works of these great men without having to buy a half dozen different volumes, then look no further. Susan Dunn has done all the work for you.

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