Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Most inane use of a descriptive term

Ever consider the comment, "Mr. X is such a good citizen since he pays his taxes." Or, the self-directed line, "I'm a good citizen, I pay my taxes." What in the world do they really mean? Someone who doesn't pay their taxes ends up under lock and key in a state or federal prison.

Performing an act due to coercion and compulsion does not make one a good citizen. A good citizen is one who lives by a strong moral code, respects private property and contracts. Simply holding your wallet out to the Sheriff of Nottingham so that the good sheriff can transfer your income to those who covet it does not mean that you are worthy of the descriptive term, "good citizen."

1 comment:

constitutionwarrior said...

Paying Taxes = good citizen?
Hmm, by logical conclusion then
Slave = ideal citizen.