Saturday, November 25, 2006

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

Is Robert Thiede, superintendent, Pickerington Local School District, serious when he states that he and other school officials have unilaterally decided to become "co-parents" to the children of his district ("School have more responsibilities, need more money", letter, Nov 25)? I will assume from his comments that the parents of Pickerington are not sophisticated enough to raise their own children and welcome the astute knowledge of such a fine public servant. When did that community buy-off on the abdication of their parental rights and responsibilities?

Sadly, this attitude - that an administrator license is the mark of superior parenting skills - is becoming more prevalent among school officials. What is forgotten is that school officials are simply your neighbors, friends, community members. They are not omniscient by any means. Witness the results of all the programs Pickerington and other districts have implemented over the past 25 years as detailed by Thiede in his letter.

If one is to believe Thiede, all those programs have left schools and society in worse condition. I'll agree with that. But I disagree that giving Thiede and other self-appointed co-parents more money will change anything for the better. The schools have a track record that is worse than any group of parents I've encountered.

Send Thiede more money, whether collected locally through property and income taxes or collected at the state-level through the host of state taxes, and you can be assured of two things; Thiede will waste it on failed programs, and he'll use it as a means to grab additional parental rights and responsibilities as he blames the failures of his programs on the parents of the community.

Jim Fedako

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