Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Keeping her word

At the last meeting of the Olentangy Board of Education, Teri Meider, board president, stated that Olentangy only requests additional operating funds when they are really needed. That's interesting since the latest Five-Year Forecast filed with the Ohio Department of Education at the end of last month shows no need for a new operating levy until Spring 2008 at the earliest.

Funny, the district is currently going through the process of putting a new levy on the ballot for next Spring - a full year earlier than Meider's promise. Well ... it's not really that funny ... it's more a point of concern, and accountability.

Keep in mind that the district's budget is looking to grow 85% from FY06 to FY11 though the student population is only growing 48%. Inflationary increases do not come close to explaining the discrepancy between the two growth statistics. If the district didn't plan on accelerated expenditure growth over these next few years, the need for a levy could be pushed off until Spring 2009. Now, that would really keep the promise.

A promise is a promise only if it's kept. The next few months will show whether or not Meider and the board are ready to keep their word.

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