Saturday, November 11, 2006

Don't tread on me

Dear Editor:

How ironic. Just days after Ohio citizens voted to constrain trade and reduce property rights by passing state issues 2 and 5, Jeff Eschmeyer of the Ohio Farmers Union ("Farmers have a right to sell and consumers have a right to buy raw milk," letter, Nov 11) contends that farmers and consumers have a right to sell and buy raw milk. Mr. Eschmeyer is correct that Ohioans have the natural right to produce and consume milk in its raw form, but as recent polls and laws have shown, having a natural right does not translate into a legal right.

Sadly, many smile as we continue to incrementally vote out the rights that founded this country. But, the power to vote out other's rights will someday be the power to lose your rights. Every time a new law or issue is passed, the supporters claim that the issue at hand will be the last step. As Eschmeyer and others are now realizing, there appears to be no end to the dreams of do-gooders who see it as their mission to force us all to live as they chose.

Whatever happened to the motto "Don't tread on me!" that defined our Revolution? Was there a second phrase to it that read, "But, I may tread on you?"

Jim Fedako

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Anonymous said...

Your distinction between natural and legal rights sadly correct. Take a look at my current column in about the Ohio raw milk situation:
--David Gumpert