Monday, November 06, 2006

Global warming is full of hot air

Two recent articles are worth reading for anyone interested in the global warning debate.

The first article, authored by Professor George Reisman, is from the Mises Institute. This article refutes the lunacies reported in the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. Science in the political arena is usually not science at all. Reisman shows this to be the case with the Stern report.

The second article , from, is written by Sergei Boukhonine. Sergie discusses the difference between predicting the future and acting on predictions.

I wish I knew who to attribute the following observation, but it is absolutely on the mark: Once the socialists realized that socialism resulted in general poverty, they joined the greens who had been advocating for poverty all along.

Of note to my fellow Christians: Be careful about signing on with the environmental movement, the Greens have never respected that God made man in His image. God set man apart from the animals of the world. The Greens actually hate man and dream of a world populated solely by the animals - witness the new and proposed displays at the Columbus Zoo.

The Bible makes two points clear: There will always be poor with us, until the end; And, the end will come. Christians sided with the Progressives over a hundred years ago and look at the mess that was created - welfare, assistance programs, broken families, etc., and poverty. Yes, poverty is still with us - note the biblical truism - yet we all suffer from the ills of social engineering. With that in mind, why should Christians join with the greens?

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