Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Neo-Marxism in Public Education: Can't they just teach Math?

From the pollinating Marxists over at The Teachers College of Columbia University:

I would hold the view that a notion of social justice should include components of distribution, principles of curriculum justice, and should also draw attention to non-material components of equity, such as empowerment. Consistent with all three and guiding all three should be a focus on the least advantaged.
—Andrew Sturman, Social Justice in Education (1997)

But doesn't someone have to produce in order to fund massive redistribution, collectivist curriculum, and Marxian equity?

The seeds of neo-Marxism have taken root in all government schools in America. Shocked? You shouldn't be. To expect unionized government employees to furrow a fertile ground for liberty and a free market would be to expect a yoked Chimera to pull the plow.

Note: The tax producers will become slaves of the tax consumers.


Anonymous said...

No... they can't.

After dinner, my 5th grader told me tonight was turn off the TV night. I asked "Says who?" My child's reply "The school. It's turn off the TV night so we can focus on something other than the TV."

Hey OLSD, I don't get to tell you when it's math time so don't tell me when it's turn off the tv night.

Private schooling is right around the corner. This is crazy.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with you in principle, are you really complaining about having to spend family time rather than sitting mindlessly in front of a TV with or without your family? This would prompt you to send your child to private school? Wow. And just because the school said it doesn't mean you have to do it. That is a golden opportunity to explain to your child in 5th grade-appropriate terms why you disagree with the idea. It's really not that complicated.
The Turn off the TV night isn't the real issue. The issue is that so many parents have abdicated their responsibility as parents that the schools have slowly been asked to fulfill that role. Some people even believe it is up to schools to instill values, responsibility, etc. All of that used to be the realm of the parent.

Jim Fedako said...

10:03 --

Truly, the issue is the schools.

These are the proverbial camel's nose actions. If it is Ok to tell children to tell their parents how to act, then the state can say and do anything.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few years ago our child's government school tried to give a bad grade to our child because we did not attend an event at the beginning of the school year. I called one of the petty little dictators and informed them my child would not be graded by our behavior.They backed off. It is "the camels nose". When another child chose not to take part in an extracurricular orchestra event she was punished by being moved from second chair to next to last chair. We removed her from the orchestra. She was, at that time, in the Columbus Symphony orchestra for children so she was quite good. We would not be bullied by such tactics.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on Jim.

The issue is that the school has no right to tell my child what "night" it is at home. Your first sentence is the issue, "HAVING to spend family time..." Who are you to judge and why should I haveto argue with my child about something the school has no right to mandate?

For the record, American Idol is our weekly family night event. We watch and we critique the talent together. It is something that everyone enjoys together, as a family. The rest of the week we limit TV. The school's edict of no tv night equates to not participating in Family TV night. I'll say it again, they have no right. Yes, we did discuss the issue as a family, but really, why pit my child against me in the first place?

Your point that parents have adbdicated the role of raising children to the school is accurate, but the school gladly fills that role in exchange for high taxes / salaries / benfits / power. This is the primary reason for Private Schooling next year. I didn't ask OLSD to take over the responsibilities of raising my children, or even weigh in on the matter. I'm pretty sure I've got that firmly under control. I am raising my kids and instilling my values and beliefs in them. That is my responsibility. If the school thinks they have even the slightest role in shaping my child's beliefs and values, which is what you stated, then I need no other reason to pull my kids from public schools.

I'd much rather have a parochial school instill the values of the church in my child than the liberal institutions known public schools fill their heads with nonsense.

Anonymous said...


PS: And our discussion wasn't about why I disagree. Our discussion was about the roles and responsibilities of the school, our rights as citizens, and why the school is wrong when they hold fund raisers, charity drives, and dictate things like "no tv night."

Anonymous said...

Canadian teachers are apparently as bad as they are here.

These two have been "suspended pending an investigation". Nice.


Anonymous said...


Lynn Stuter explains why government schools do what they do.

Anonymous said...

I actually have to comment on this one. I attended a private school and a public school in the state of Mississippi and ,as a Marxist, I can tell you that there is no Marxism in Southern public schools. Where to start? 1. The political science textbook was as far from Marxism as possible. It went on and on about the wonders of capitalism. Also, I was basically disallowed (unlike every other student in the class) to discuss my political beliefs in the class. Any question or statement I made was shot down immediately. While it was fine to say why you are a Democrat or Republican. In fact, I believe the public school was even further from Marxism than the private school. My physical science teacher managed to bring up Israel in the middle of a lecture. When I asked if Israel was a legitimate state, he got angry and threatened to remove me from the class room. Then he went on to say that the Muslims were to busy fornicating with sheep to see that Israel and the US are right. The only place I've found that could beat the school for right wing rhetoric would be Fox News. Constant railing about how taxes should be decreased for everybody and how redistribution of wealth is wrong. Doesnt seem much like Marxist rhetoric to me. Seems more like the typical fundamentalist racist thinking that is generated by the private schools in the South. You call Marxism in schools indoctrination. But what else is: God and Free Markets are good, and socialism and equality are wrong. Indoctrination, Plain and simple. I hope that my children are not sent to a school that teaches them that the exploitation of the common man is right. In a world where corporate 'kings' control big business ,thus allowing control of the government and economy, with the intent only to line their pockets at the cost of the people and country, maybe a little more Marxism in schools would be a good thing. And no. I did NOT vote for Obama as he is a puppet of the big business and is as far from a Marxist or socialist as possible. I wrote in Bernie Sanders.
A Marxist

Jim Fedako said...

Thanks for the comments. Send me an email. It's not often I get to question / debate a Marxist.