Friday, February 12, 2010

Letter to the Dispatch

Unpublished. -- Jim
Dear Editor:

Just when I thought I was beyond being shocked.

As reported in The Columbus Dispatch, the Columbus government schools are trying to hook children on breakfast prepared by the state (or an agent of the state, in this case). And this is considered a great idea.

The agent of the state -- Sodexo -- is looking to turn a profit by overcharging taxpayers for Pop Tarts, etc.. But many families are not interested.

"'A lot of our students eat breakfast before they go to school. Or maybe they're not hungry in the morning,' said Joe Brown, the district's food-service director."

Now we can't have that. So the state is coercing children to eat at school.

"Valley Forge Elementary is having a contest to see which classroom can get the most children to eat breakfast. The winning room will get a visit from a chef with a waffle bar.

"'Oh, they will love that,' said Valley Forge Principal Stephanie Bland. 'I think it's a great incentive.'"

Sounds similar to a dream envisioned by the communists of a century ago -- the destruction of the family.

According to Alexandra Kollontai, "
Communist society takes care of every child and guarantees both him and his mother material and moral support. Society will feed, bring up and educate the child."

The bliss of the collective will become our utopia -- it worked so well in the Soviet Union.


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Here's one for ya:

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Re: "volunteering" at gobblemint schools. I thought slavery had been made illegal.