Saturday, February 20, 2010

At least they didn't edit out Mises

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At least they didn't edit out Mises
Jim Fedako

"In a free market, prices convey information. Since our markets -- though heavily regulated -- still have an essence of freedom, the prices we pay in the checkout line tell a story in themselves." (the rest is here)

Ten years ago, before being introduced to the Austrian school, this local newspaper would publish my articles as guest commentary. Now the best I can hope for is the occasional letter making the cut. What changed?

Well, ten years ago I was serving on my local government school board (forgive me) and heeding the party line. So my articles on why new taxes benefited the public good were always published. Of course, once I saw the light (after decades of epistemological sin, so to speak), my views fell out of line and out of favor. And so did my position on the page. Such is life.

But let me tell you, it's better to be crying out in the wilderness that is the letters section than to be just another jester in a more prominent part of the page.


Anonymous said...

You may be crying out in the wilderness--but that's because you escaped the asylum for the woods.

A "small but vocal sect" of anti-sustainability/ anti-child thugs who took over OFK--you're creation--and infected it like a virus to spin out ever-increasing favors to teachers and administrators will prove to be the district's killer in the years ahead.

They're hollowing out the public treasury with golden shovels while the community chooses to slumber. Sleep tight, Olentangy. Sleep tight.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully soon the Hartford Currant will be in the unenviable position of quoting Mises:

Anonymous said...

A timely repeat: Peter Schiff OWNING Art Laffer