Monday, February 15, 2010

Are vocational schools a "good value?"

Dear Editor:

The paper just might want to look a little deeper before claiming that state vocational schools offer a good value ("Working hard," Dispatch, Feb 15. 2010).

A cursory review of the state auditor's performance audit of the Delaware Area Career Center reveals cost per pupil of $25,739. And this is considered a good value?

The state vocational schools fly under the radar so it should not surprise anyone that they are inefficient and wasteful. But I am surprised that your paper didn't even bother looking at costs before claiming that, "Vocational schools offer good value even when stresses by recession."

It certainly seems that the recession has not stressed the belts of state vocational schools in the least.

Note: The performance audit is
here (look on page 22).

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Anonymous said...

Why so much per student, when the parents has to pay for each class that is taken?

Not just at vocational school we have to pay for each core class at Olentangy School. School fees are 150.00 to 1,000 of dollars. It is sad when you get your bill, knowning that we pay all these taxes here.