Saturday, February 02, 2008

Reduces Spending

In a real twist, it's the Democratic governor of Ohio committing to reduced spending.

Locally, things are much different. The Olentangy district is increasing costs, all with your hard-earned tax dollars. In a troubled economy, the district still wants to provide its employees with 6.5% salary increases, plan another 12% increase in healthcare costs. About time to tighten belts a little, don't you think.

Keep in mind that Scott Galloway, board president, is the treasurer of the Republican Party in Delaware County. Based on his desire for more of your tax dollars, it seems like it's time for a change in party leadership.

Who speaks for fiscal restraint anymore? Just the governor?


Anonymous said...

How do you figure teachers are getting a 7% increase in pay?

Jim Fedako said...
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Jim Fedako said...

Moved comment to new post a Really Good Question.