Monday, February 18, 2008

Olentangy Levy: Short of repetition, there's nothing more to say

There's really nothing more to say about the Olentangy levy. I am reposting my executive summary -- actually taxpayer summary. I encourage you to read all my other postings so you can understand that there is no need for the March levy.

Let's focus on just four of the things we know:

  1. The $10.5 million in cuts is not required.
  2. Bond investment is available and can be used.
  3. The administration and board have no intent on negotiating tighter contracts.
  4. Schools cannot be closed to the public, churches are safe.
  5. The last year(s) of all district levies have deficit spending.
Additional explanation:
  1. The cuts list is a threat; plain and simple.
  2. The fact that there is bond investment income means that the district is not selling bonds only when bond money is needed. I don't think anyone wants the district to sit on a pile of bond money -- funded by tax dollars -- so that investment income can be earned. The board will consider this option after the levy fails.
  3. The negative balance in FY09 is cleared by tighter negotiations. It's that simple. The district is not currently proposing this as a solution, but it will after the levy fails.
  4. The district can't close schools to the public. Never could. State laws will not allow it.
  5. Deficit spending in the out-years of a levy are normal, in fact all district levies are structured that way -- including the one on the ballot.


Anonymous said...

We are with you 100% and will be Voting AGAINST this UNFAIR TAX imposition.

Alos, we DEMAND Soctt Davis and the School Board STOP BULLYING the PARENTS of OLENTANGY STUDENTS with these ridiculous THREATS! If this levy should pass I shall seriously consider moving my family to a community where taxpayers CARE about their FINANCIAL FUTURE and RESPECT the value of a DOLLAR. I wonder how many Financially savy Parents in the Olentangy School District are aware that every dollar they currently earn at today's rate of inflation is currently worth the same amount as .05 Cents in 1913. Imagine that! Pre-Depression Dollar Valuations and here we have GLUTTONOUS SCHOOL BUREACRATS attempting to rape the community with LIES and THREATS rather than sound fiscal accounting measures and financial audits that require creative thinking and negotiation. Instead, they just try to LIE and TWIST the truth for thier OWN SELFISH IRRESPONSIBILITY and LACK OF EFFORT.


taxpayer of 3 children said...

Hey Jim:

We just got the big threatening letter today...stating yours kids will not have bus transportation if the levy fails...even though we live 1.8 miles sidewalks, or safe crossings over a 50mph road.

Do you think they will eliminate the 100k + tranportation coordinator too?

If we don't vote for new buildings, will Mr. Kerr be laid off as there are no new facilities in the pipeline?

How much is big bully's bonus (Davis) for sucking just $267 dollars on our 100k house....oh that's right average home prices are over 300 and up to over 1mil....Scottie can use the bonus to pay his higher tax bill!!!!

These guys are joke!

Keep up the fight....can't wait to see how many lawsuits they will have to fight when they make the cuts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jim, you must be a libertarian. That was a very good article.

As for the post of "Anonymous"... emotion is never a good thing to insert into an intillectual discussion. Name calling isn't either.

At the end of the day, everyone has a vote and majority wins. I find it interesting that a society can vote down the same levy 7 years in a row, but on the 8th year, when it passes, it isn't back up for vote on year 9. Why does one passage negate seven failures?

Things to think about...

Anonymous said...

I got the letter too. No mention of what working parents are supposed to do since we work until 4:30 and 5:00 and school is over around 2:45 or so.

How does this "facilitate maximum learning for every student"? If some kids can't get to/from school, what good are the schools?

These threats are beginning to sicken me. I would rather be hugely inconvenienced than to give in to these people.

taxpayer of 3 children said...

Great post anonymous regarding kids and work....our subdivision 1.8 miles away has kids 2 miles away still getting transport...and the buses will pass by our stops on the way to the school....great way to save money eh?

Now we are getting nailed with letters from the Principles..OYAA, etc...that our kids won't have the school play we pay $50 for..why???...and t ball in the summers. Oh...we pay for that too!!!

Stop the darn insanity...balance the darn budget this year...then present a logical operating plan next...maybe I'll vote for it!