Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Olentangy Levy: Christmas in July

This is a reissue of an article I posted at the end of July, 2007. This is a reminder of the fiscal actions the board took while facing a deficit. (note: here is the link to the amended contract.)

July 30, 2007

Olentangy Residents,

Your board of education just celebrated a night of giving; giving the gift of taxpayer dollars of course.

The board amended the superintendent's contract effective July 17 and added almost $400,000 in salary and benefits. That's a lot of money given the cry for an additional levy. Actually, it's a lot of money no matter how you put it. Of course, it's all for the kids. Yeah, right!

Keep in mind that the superintendent was already one of the highest paid in Ohio. And, that was before the new amendments.

The new contract is a wonder to read. It removes the original accountability language and replaces it with guaranteed dollars.

In true double-speak, the bonus that was based on performance, and is now just another salary component, is classified in the contract as "at-risk compensation." At-risk? Come on, the bonus is guaranteed and is to be paid out before the school year begins.

Funny, the Ludwig von Mises Institute just published my
article on such types of gifts; gifts where the elected officials stand proud as they give your tax dollars away in their name.

I really don't know what's worse: the board giving away your tax dollars; the superintendent accepting those dollars while whining about budget shortfalls; or, the spin that was placed on this whole mess. Some people have no shame at all.

Remember this as the board and superintendent discuss the "need" for a November levy; despite the fact that none is needed until 2009. That will, of course, hold only if the board stops giving away your tax dollars in their name.

Read the provisions of the contract (below). You will be amazed, shocked, and troubled. I was.

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