Friday, February 29, 2008

Olentangy Levy: Most inane comment from a board member

Olentangy board member Julie Feasel posted this comment on another blog:

I just want to point out that Olentangy did make $6 million in cuts to future spending BEFORE even going on the ballot and we continue to look at how we can trim costs. (emphasis added)

Did you get that? They made cuts to future spending when the issue is this fiscal year and next fiscal year. Is this her idea of cutting costs?

Really, why do I care that they cut projected costs, effective FY2010, when it's FY2009 that has the supposed negative balance (I say supposed as there is no real deficit -- read my previous post)?


Just think about it: There are costs that can be cut, yet Feasel and company are waiting until 2010. And, they want to raise your taxes for such nonsense.

This is the logic which guides the district. Amazing!

note: According to Feaselian logic, I am a financial genius and a good steward of my money since I decided not to buy an aircraft carrier in 2010. I cut $1 billion is costs. Wow!


Scott said...

What's the buzz out in the community, Jim? I can tell you that of the 20 or so houses on my street, not one has an OFK sign. I'm seeing far fewer signs than in the past. Seems that some people that supported the bond issue a couple of years back and the levy before that are voting no on this issue.

To me it simply comes down to my financial situation. With high inflation rates and low wage increases we're feeling the squeeze big time. 2 big NO votes from our household.

Anonymous said...

If you read the list of cuts, they were in this fiscal year. I doubt you will let this be posted but you are picking on a comment and not the facts.

Jim Fedako said...

Funny you mention that ...

The district states, "What has Olentangy Done to Ensure Efficiency?

Olentangy has already sought efficiencies without sacrificing educational programs for students. This has resulted in the savings of some planned expenses in the five-year financial forecast for Olentangy." (emphasis added)

Who should I believe? I never know.

Anonymous said...

I guess you can spin it however you want.

The statement says they are saving $6M over the standard five year reporting period by making the cuts. This means they have made a little more than $1M per year.

But the cuts and changes were made in the current year so are savings in this year and cuts in anticipated spending in future years.

Jim Fedako said...

Spin??? You claimed the cuts were effective this year, not I.

That statement does not necessarily mean any cuts were effective this year, or than any significant cuts are effective next year -- the two years in question.

When I was on the board, the superintendent promised large cuts. I never saw them. Oh, and, paper cuts don't count.

Anonymous said...

$300,000 for the 2010-11 school year by delaying the purchase of social studies curriculum materials at the elementary school level;

All for the Kids.