Sunday, June 04, 2006

An Old Letter to the Editor That Was Never Published

Dear Letters Editor:

"Then he whomps the other student with a pillow." (from "Hilliard students take law into own hands", September 16, 2005.)

Let's see, Constitution Day was passed by a Congress that does not understand state's rights and the role of the federal government and is being implemented by schools that confound the US Constitution with codes of conduct and civil law. Is this really as wonderful as it seems?

Students in Hilliard are being taught that a good constitution enumerates the behaviors which govern good citizens. It would appear to me that teachers at Horizon Elementary understand a constitution to be a document that empowers citizens to enforce vague "feel-good" terms under the threat of violence (see first sentence).

Our Constitution was drafted in order to limit the powers of the federal government, though Sen. Byrd -- D-W.Va., sponsor, and the rest of Congress missed that lesson. Or, maybe they also spent their youth writing school constitutions similar to those being created in elementaries in Central Ohio.

A true school constitution would have to be constructed in a manner that circumscribed the powers of the staff within the God-given rights of the students. That would be an interesting exercise to say the least. Instead, the teachers had students codify classroom behavior expectations and called them a constitution.

I know, this all sounds like a fun activity, but what is really being taught? And, most importantly, what does this say about the teachers' understand of such valuable concepts as the guarantees of freedom from government contained in the document signed by our Founding Fathers?

Constitution Day failed in Hilliard.

Jim Fedako

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