Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A listserve riposte

I will cease mentioning government and control as soon as you cease advocating for government to indoctrinate the next generation, captured by a compulsory system of education, in value-laded issues.

These vary same issues have already entered our schools resulting in the occasional band of roaming morons who spray paint SUVs, demand that KFC play Mozart in their slaughterhouses -- yes, the chicken we eat must be slaughtered somewhere, and protest McDonalds and Wal-Mart as evil incarnate.

Where do our students learn such ideas? From public school teachers who manipulate value-laded courses of study in order to project their own agendas. Where do teachers discover their Zeitgeist? From leftist professors and teachers unions. NEA's platform reads more like a green-crazed socialist cult than a professional education organization.

Why do so many people have such little faith in parents that they truly believe that without a unionized labor force inculcating children, nothing of value will ever be learned. Are we really at the point where the future of civilization is in the hands of public school teachers? Maybe preschool should start day one so that parents have no adverse influences on their children.

And, do you really believe that India is clouding their curriculum with issues that are ancillary to education? Is this why the Indian IT professional is in demand worldwide, his knowledge of green-based concerns?

I always find it ironic that the minute we come to terms that our schools' curriculum is a mile wide and an inch deep, the next crisis demands additional time and effort. Why don't we simply forget the three R's and indoctrinate from the first day of Kindergarten. Oh, wait, we do that already.

The reality is this, it's either individual acting humans making the hard decisions, or those decisions will be made by the comrade whose face appears on posters on every corner of every street. Read Hayek's Road to Serfdom (the old cartoon version).

As always, advocate for what you believe in, just don't use government as the means to your end.

Jim Fedako

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