Monday, June 12, 2006

Letter to the Columbus Dispatch

Dear Letter Editor:

In his June 10, 2006 letter (State Teachers Retirement System in need of repair), Jim N. Reed correctly notes the financial mess of the State Teachers Retirement System. The solution implicit in his letter is for the state to increase the share of retirement paid by citizens via their local boards of education.

STRS is currently lobbying the state legislature to increase the percentage of salaries that school districts pay in teacher retirement from the current 14% to the proposed 16.5% -- not a bad publicly-funded retirement plan.

In order to pay for the increase, school districts will need to raise additional local property tax dollars.

So what Reed is really advocating is for everyone not in STRS to pay his increasing healthcare costs.

Along with ever Ohioan, I am also seeing rising healthcare costs. I will agree to assist Reed if he will assist me. Or, better yet, we both keep our own money and fund our own increases ourselves. That's really the only fair solution to everyone's problems.

Jim Fedako

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