Saturday, June 10, 2006

List Serve Post on Immigration

I read the running comments on immigration and am shocked that we have lost knowledge of our history. As each new wave of immigrants entered the US, these same false crises were used to crack down on the newcomers and expand government. My grandfather and grandmother sent all four of their boys to the military without objection though neither could read or write in English till the day they died. We have a family reunion each year in Eastern PA and the physical features of those in my extended family and many others at the park show their Eastern European heritage, yet they are all Americans through and through.

My grandmother was a Polish immigrant who never learned what could be considered fluent English. She would, despite her poverty and 10 children, chase any government worker off her property with a broom.

Contrast that with the trend started during the Great Society when government workers became more aggressive and pushed government services on anyone and everyone, thereby creating a dependent constituency.

Eliminate aggressive government handouts and a large portion of the immigration problem would cure itself. Then, those who immigrate would either have a job and be able to find housing and other essentials on their own, or they would be truly illegal trespassers and squatters.

As always, the problem is government and the solutions cannot be found in additional Progressive governmental interventions, such as welfare, etc.

The only difference now is a hyperactive government and its minions of do-gooders. We have government schools that can't teach the wonders of the US and Western Civilization due to their blind adherence to multiculturalism.

Absent government interventions, all will work itself out well.


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