Sunday, August 16, 2009

Penn and Teller on Modern Economics

Spreading the wealth around is true of both parties. -- Jim (HT: Justin Ptak over at the Blog at


Anonymous said...

what country do we live in? this is unreal.

Anonymous said...

Here's the translation for Delaware County folks: There are 2 Del. Co. Commissioners who sign contracts with companies (A) that employ other companies (B) who happen to employ a consultant who is a county commissioner. The contracts (to company A)are paid with YOUR tax dollars. Then company "A" hires company "B" to do some of the work. Todd Hanks is employed by company "B" and Todd Hanks' wallet is getting FAT. Does everyone see how this works?? Taxpayers worked to make/buy the pie, but it was TAKEN AWAY and Todd Hanks is the TAKER AND the RECIPIENT. Conflict of interest? You bet ya. Unethical? Absolutely? Send Todd Hanks packing in the next election.