Friday, August 21, 2009

From one collectivist to another

I frequently call out the nonsense emanating from the Marxists over at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and their supposed scholarly rag, Educational Leadership. These folks are proud card-carrying collectivists. In fact, EL and Columbia University's Teachers College Record are most visible proponents for having tax dollars fund the socialist indoctrination of this nation's youth.

It's happening, and you are paying for it

You say, "That nonsense is not in our local schools." Simply read the reference to Wade's latest blog posting (below). Folks, it's all here. And it's all being promoted by those who you trust to education your kids.

I don't make this stuff up, I just write about it. -- Jim

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From the desk of the superintendent

August 18, 2009

Extracurricular Activities Play an Important Role in Complete School Experience
Posted at 10:34 am

Olentangy Local Schools mission is “to facilitate maximum learning for every student.” To achieve maximum learning, student instruction takes place both in and outside of our classrooms. Extracurricular activities and athletics offer great opportunities for student learning, socialization and personal expression. [Read more…]

Research suggests that participation in extracurricular activities provides extra motivation for students, a closer connection with their school community and often times their academic performance increases as well. In the article “The Extracurricular Advantage” by Douglas B. Reeves, a high school in Woodstock, Illinois saw dramatic increases across all academic areas during the same time that participation in extracurricular activities increased by 400 percent over a five year time span. While the increase in academics is not entirely attributed to the extracurricular participation, the author does suggest that “the positive peer and adult relationships, organization, discipline, expectations and other positive influences associated with extra curricular activities are likely to improve performance” (p87).

Many of our fall athletic teams and marching band groups are already underway. Students may also sign-up for various clubs and activities once school begins on August 26. The Board of Education recently approved a new policy for our home school students making it easier for them to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities.

Olentangy Local Schools offers several extracurricular activities and 27 varsity sports at each of our three high schools and more than 14 unique sports and clubs at our four middle schools. Regardless of your student’s interests, there is an opportunity for him or her to become more involved in their school community while learning valuable lessons and possibly even increasing their academic performance at the same time. That is maximum learning in action.

Reeves, D. (2008, September). The extracurricular advantage. Educational Leadership, 66 (1), 86-87.

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Anonymous said...

So,what Shady Wade is saying here is, "Don't make us cut our extra-curriculars like the mean, uncaring residents of South-Western did to their kids. Because, if you choose to not support the next Olentangy levy and we have to cut extra-curriculars your kids are going to suffer intellectually* and academically*"

Isn't it funny how it always comes back to the kids? Shady Wade makes these stupid statements knowing that only 13% school funding goes to the "activities" he says are so important. Well, if they're as important to our kids as Wade-O insists then why doesn't he insist to the board that they're funded at, say, 20% of budget? That's not asking too much, right? That 20% of OLSD funding be spent on student activities. That's right--he wouldn't dare insist on an increase in this funding because it would come at the expense of the things that benefit his employees. It would mean an end to the nonsense, like $300,000 annual "summer supplementals" to guidance counselors to assign kids to classrooms (isn't that supposed to be their job?), or the $750,000 we spend a year on administrator pick-up, "chairperson" stipends at all of the elementary schools (why do they need department chairs?), or the "weather watcher" scam that puts $3,000 cash in the pockets of the superintendents "cabinet" members, etc.

Wade just doesn't have the nerve to stop the nonsense. So, he says more nonsensical things. Then again, it must be pretty hard to say sensible things when the entire environment one operates in is constructed upon nonsense.

* These two are not mutually inclusive when it comes to public education.