Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ho-hum: More of the same in Hilliard

Educate Hilliard claims to be "a non-partisan group of residents and business owners in the Hilliard City School District working for the preservation of our excellent schools through sustainable economics." To support their mission, EH has endorsed three candidates (Paul Lambert, Justin Gardner and Don Roberts) who (supposedly) share similar ideals. Yet ...

The three candidates are faces in the crowd. And they will sit comfortably in their board seats (if elected), siding with the administration on every real issue.

Just a quick read through their bios reveals candidates no different from any member of any board in any school district.

You can pour your hearts, sweat and money into these candidates, but the results will be business as usual. Guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken. I guess their excuse can be we do things just as any other school board does. lol.
I wonder if there are any districts that have honest board members.

Have a great day everyone. Say your prayers, our district is again working hard against me, an employee, of the district now.
We will now see how effective the Unon is. I am confident that they will be supportive.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure. These folks seem to have the qualifications to "find the bodies" (an auditor, a lawyer, and a corporate officer/executive). From a financial management and governance perspective it should be a dream team. The only reservation I have is, what will they do when they find the bodies? After finding the first few--and screaming bloody murder--they'll begin to feel the chill from the administration, whose members will slowly, quietly begin to hide data, obscure or omit figures, lie, and generally disinvolve them.

They'd better remember that when they feel the chill they'll know that they're being effective.

Jim Fedako said...

8:17 --

I disagree. Gardner (in particular) states, " I balance my conservatism with a strong desire for quality schools for my daughter and the children in our district."

The superintendent will define quality and Gardner will do what it takes to fund so-called quality.

Gardner will be an open checkbook.

Anonymous said...

What does balance connote? What is the opposite of conservatism? Are quality schools the opposite of conservatism?

Anonymous said...

Quality schools are not the oposite of conservatism, but a conservative in spending could lead to underfunding necessary programs.

I think having a negotiator/attorney, accountant, and an executive along with Lundregan (Banker) would be great negotiating with the Unions and hunt for the bodies as the other commenter stated. It's easy for people to sit and spout about change, but I like to see people putting in the effort to educate the public on school funding.