Monday, August 20, 2007

Some things to consider

This we can agree on: The superintendent of the Olentangy Local School District finagled a gift from the district taxpayers via the elected board -- a gift of tax dollars that would be unethical (illegal?) for the board to give to any other school employee.

Consider the amended superintendent contract (posted here, with comments here) in light of the resident at the margin (See if you can stomach the "at-risk" language that provides a guaranteed bonus to be paid before the school year begins?).

The board will force Edith1 to contribute to a gift to the superintendent. That Edith may lose her home over such actions has no bearing on the board. Meanwhile, the superintendent will rationalize this as some sort of public benefit -- it's all for the kids you know.

Seems like this is simply private benefits -- gifts -- exchanged between board and superintendent, the taxpayer be damned.


1. Edith is an actual district resident, her story is real. Though, her name and other identifying characteristics were changed to allow her to remain anonymous.

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