Thursday, August 16, 2007

Performance and bonuses

Let's see ... The Olentangy School District achieved a lower Performance Index score on the state report card for last school year compared with the prior one, yet the superintendent already received his performance bonus for this upcoming school year. The $23K looks more like a gift than a bonus. Well, it is actually a gift; a gift from taxpayers to the superintendent via the elected board of education. Nice job!

In addition, note that the district did not meet AYP due to performance of subgroups. Now, keep in mind, the district knew this was likely to happen as the only reason it met AYP in previous years was a safe-harbor provision that would not be in-effect this year. Did the district act? From the failed AYP status, the answer is no.

Shameful. They can waste time on nonsense -- book reading lists and student newspapers -- while forgetting their mission of facilitating maximum learning. Or, maybe the district feels that its nonsense is its mission. Sadly, for subgroup populations within district boundaries, the nonsense does not lead to achievement.

A shock? No. Anyone who followed the district's report cards knew this was coming. I wonder if the parents of subgroup students are happy that the board doles out bonuses like candy at Halloween. I bet that they are not. Though, I bet that the superintendent is.

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Anonymous said...

Our district's index score dropped a half a point, moving us down in the rankings of "Excellent" school districts. Arrowhead and Glen Oak received "Effective" ratings and Orange Middle School: "Continuous Improvement." --THAT is a travesty.