Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ASCD's The Whole Child

from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) ... Keep in mind that there are five subtle conclusions hidden within this seemingly innocuous video: One, only the state through its unions can raise a child; Two, indoctrination (Olentangy calls it "tutoring") stands in place for real learning ; Three, public education defines the whole child as one who is continually exposed to the foulest actions of others - that's why they push perverse literature and disgusting assemblies; Four, parents have no place in the concept of the whole child ... don't believe me, then ask to be involved in the curriculum decisions and speak your mind ... see how far that gets you; Five, add some touching music and the viewer will gloss over the fact that public schools have created the mess they are claiming they can fix. Impossible.

Yet, your administrators get all choked up with such nonsense from ASCD, the organization that still adheres to and pushes the concepts of the New Soviet Man as adored by John Dewey.

Invest a little time on Yahoo, Google, and Wikipedia to learn and understand the movements leading public education. It's your kids and/or your tax dollars at stake.

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