Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not meeting AYP. Significant?

Absolutely. When a district has adopted the mission to facilitate maximum learning for every child, every group of students had better perform at least above the state minimum academic standards. Keep in mind that districts are not held to the 75% pass rate for AYP calculations; the state-created, federally-mandated, AYP standards are actually much lower[1]. And, at least for Olentangy, the district's performance with regard to certain subgroups has been lacking for years.

Before you state that some of these subgroups have a history of low-performance and the Olentangy district performed as expected, download the data from ODE and see for yourself how many districts with much less resources saw subgroup scores much higher than those attained by Olentangy. The issue is not with the subgroup, the issue is the failure to satisfy the heart of the mission statement.

Missing AYP in 2006 should not shock anyone. Sadden? Yes. Shock? No.

Funny how missing AYP never made the district's self-congratulatory dispatch regarding results from the latest state report card. Swept under the rug I suppose ...


[1] In school year '07-'08, the AYP threshold will ratchet up once more. This means the AYP standard will increase above the current standard Olentangy failed to meet.

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