Sunday, August 06, 2006

The market strikes again

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Once again the capitalists, entrepreneurs, petty-bourgeois, and associated travelers exploited those in need of goods; they ripped me off by selling school supplies at an outrageous price. These profiteers recognized the increased demand for education wares as school fast approaches so they acted just as the interventionist predicted; they lowered priced, outrageously. Oh, well, I guess that means that they actually acted opposite of what was predicted.

Regardless, they still are evil, aren't they? I just purchased a pack of 60 pencils for less than $1.50. Of course, these criminals simply used this price as a tactic to get me into their stores where they forced 10-cent note pads, cheap binders, etc., into my hands. Yes, the saving continues.

If you happen to see your state Attorney General, let him know of the evils that lurk in a free market system - it happens every year around this time. I'm certain he'll be outraged and put a stop to this nonsense.

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