Saturday, May 06, 2006

Misesian on the School Board

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A Misesian on the School Board
by Jim Fedako

The vanity of pride hides the true reflected man. But every now and again an event will occur that straightens out the distortions and exposes one's real identity. One such event happened to me at a meeting between officials of a local city and the school district I serve as a board member. Before the call to the table, as members of both governments were milling about, the city manager spotted me from across the room and loudly congratulated me on my reference to Hayek in my then-recent letter to the editor. The city manager hastened over to me and excitedly talked about reading Road to Serfdom while in college. He loved the book and appreciated my reference. I, in turn, mentioned similar books from Mises that I had just read.

Then it hit me. There I stood looking at my reflection; a Hayekian and a Misesian talking shop just before we were to be seated at an intergovernment planning meeting. It was as if the meeting existed in another dimension, but there was the table, and here we stood, two hypocrites seeing ourselves as fighters for freedom while living lives of statists. Vanity could hide the truth for only so long, and when the veil is finally lifted, the true image is humbling.

It is moments like these that expose supposed achievements and actions, and allows one to take stock of where they are and where they want to be. These moments bring reality back into focus; they provide clarity to the distorted images.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your piece on the school board. I am a Rothbardian, an ex-associate professor of history teaching at a bilingual school in El Salvador. I inherited the US history textbook, which was written by a committee of PC freaks. I spend much of my time pointing out economic fallacies. It's great fun because the students have no cultural conditioning in the nonsense that passes for US history.
I'm a cyclist, too. The 8-stage "Vuelta Ciclista de El Salvador" was last week. They held a criterium that ran 20 laps right in front of my house. Best wishes,
James Dunlap