Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Listserve Post Regarding How Schools Should Be Controlled


That's actually a misnomer. Under a free market system of choice, it would be a free country. Absent free choice, it's a country run by whomever controls the political power; whether at the local, state or federal level. An advocate for a free country would have to believe that parents have the ability to make the correct choices based on their personal preferences.

To claim that you want a free country at the same time as you advocate for a mandated system that meets with your specifications is disingenuous to say the least. We have seen an increasing encroachment on our freedoms from those who claim that "it's a free country" while advocating for government to intervene on their part.

There a many people who like to end a discussion with "let's agree to disagree" and then turn around and use whatever energy and influence they have to capture political control. We can agree to disagree and accept that this a free country when you quit attempting to garner support for ideas that will encroach on the freedoms of others.

By way of example: Teachers in my district think that they are in the right when they mandate a reading list that contains nothing but popular trash, not one recognizable classic to be found. These are books that have no merit other than being more profane and disgusting than the worst trash-talking radio show. These teachers believe that they are doing what is best for children and have no qualms telling parents that they know best.

District staff indoctrinated 6th grade students in the ways of perverse sexual behaviors without any parental notification using clips from MTV and other media sources. Why did they not inform parents? The staff members stated that they were certain the children whose parents would have said "No" were the ones most in need of hearing this talk. You see, these staff member knew better than the parents, and it was their job -- their right in essence -- to usurp the family.

Karl Marx and the other socialists/communists saw little need for the family and other institutions, They believed, and believe, that they knew better.

So much for freedoms. And, so much for respect of parental rights and decision-making skills.

Jim Fedako

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