Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Big Ideas in Education

"Amidst the relentless warnings that America's schools are only graduating two-thirds of eighteen-year-olds, are failing to produce the scientists and engineers we need, and must address stubborn racial achievement gaps, more than 14,000 of the nation's education researchers are gathered in San Francisco for the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)." Frederick M. Hess, director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, and Laura LoGerfo, researcher with a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Michigan.

Here's the research you supported with your tax dollars:

"Fostering a Distributed Community of Practice Among Tribal Environmental Professionals During Professional Development Courses" and "Vygotskian Semiotic Conception and Representational Dialogue in Mathematics Education."

Read more from the recent article (warning, some of the topics contain offensive language of a sexual nature) ...

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