Monday, March 03, 2008

Kicking Churches Out of Schools

Pass or fail, I learned a lot during this levy campaign. One aspect of the campaign that troubles me most is desire of the superintendent and board to close school buildings to churches, should the levy fail. Why is this so troubling?

Many Christians lament the fact that God is no longer welcome in public education. They believe that a faceless government has done this, against their will, and against their beliefs. Yet, come levy time, some of these very same folks play God as a bargaining chip: "If we can't have our levy, you can't have your church!"

Think about that for a minute. The superintendent and board is looking to use God and His Church as a means to pass a levy. In this instance, need has no meaning. Such a stand is pure arrogance and disobedience. Christians threatening churches is an action to mourned. But they've done it, and they are doing it.

I noted the lilt and glee coming from the board during the discussion of the threatened cuts.[1] Not one defense of taxpayer, community, parent, or church. It was as if closing the schools to churches is a good thing -- or, at least a good threat. Shouldn't someone have protested? Alas, there was no voice in the wilderness.

There is no need for the proposed cuts, pass or fail. This district faced a situation that was much worse in FY03.[2] Yet, no cuts were made in FY04. Different board, different superintendent.

Instead of taking the high road and negotiating contracts in favor of the taxpayer, the district is claiming that it will kick churches out of its buildings should the levy fail.[3] That really troubles me. It should trouble you.

The next time that someone laments the removal of God from public education, remember that it's not always some faceless government doing this, it may just be our friends and neighbors doing it for some worldly reason.

Something to think about.

[1] The audio is available on the district web site.
[2] The deficit for FY05 was greater than the current deficit, and, the district's valuation was much lower. Greater deficit with less resources.
[3] As I have posted many times, the district cannot close its buildings to churches, or any organization for that matter, should the levy pass and the cuts enacted.

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