Sunday, March 09, 2008

Killing two birds with one stone

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By Jim Fedako
The two birds: My wife's desire for additional landscaping; and, your carbon guilt. It's really simple. You go to The CarbonNeutral Company website and calculate the amount of the carbon emissions resulting from your daily commute. Note the estimated values for carbon mitigation. You then go to PayPal and send me one of the amounts shown. Don't worry, I'll accept whichever amount you select. After receipt of your funds, I'll send you a certificate - suitable for framing - stating that I have declared your commute carbon neutral. My wife and I will then go to our favorite nursery and buy trees and bushes. Of course, we'll snicker behind your back. But, hey, you'll never know.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this what Al Gore's company does?

Anonymous said...

What--make money based on threats and guilt, while producing little of value in return?

Oh, sorry--I was thinking of the teachers.

Anonymous said...

So the education of our children produces "little of value". Interesting comment and pretty much sums up the anti-school sediment.

Jim Fedako said...

Value is subjective; sujective to the individual.

The education of YOUR child has value to YOU. You then collectivize that value onto "society."

Now, your child's education has "value" to society. Then, you claim society must pay.

But, that is as nonsensical as me claiming societal benefits to my children's activities and then demanding that you share in the cost.

You beloved society is simply the means where you spread your costs over others -- and feel good about it.

Anonymous said...

History tells us (your anti-positivism) and studies prove (positivism) that an educated populace benefits the society and therefore each of the individuals within the society.

Jim Fedako said...

Historicism is NOT anti-positivism.

What you have shown is that your supposed "education" has not benefited this discussion.

You certainly appear to have traits of someone educated by government schools. Why? You believe that you opinion carries as much weight as fact.

This is we can blame on the constructivist education which you received during your formative years; where any opinion has meaning (a form of relativism).

But, you can rise above public education. It takes effort and time. Give it try.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I should have said your political Faith tells you that public education has no value so it must be true. Of course, you have nothing but your Belief to back this up so instead you take the "I'm smarter than you" approach to proving your theory.

I should not have related history and anti-positivism because history at least has a basis in reality.

What I believe is my opinion, formed from facts, carries more weight than your opinion formed with nothing but your political Belief. When you start presenting data to back up your belief it may carry more weight but then that would be counter to your anti-positivism Belief.

Jim Fedako said...

It's not that I'm smarter, it's just that I have the footnotes to prove I'm right.

You, on the otherhand, have offered nothing more than your opinion. That (your opinion), and 99 cents, might get me a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

You attack faith in theory, but you offer nothing else. You instead switch between subjects (Faith, faith, natural sciences, social sciences, etc.) so fast that I get whiplash.

That said, you faith is in numbers, which you defend by a statement that itself cannot be proved by numbers. So, you have an inherent contradiction.

Back to the minor leagues ...

Anonymous said...

(crickets chirping)

Another Fedako Smackdown!