Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Reading List: Three great selections from

Here are three easy summer reads from the Ludwig von Mises Institute: Time Will Run Back, a novel by Henry Hazlitt; The Income Tax: the root of all evil from Frank Chodorov; and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitialism by Robert P. Murphy.

Time Will Run Back is a great novel that introduces, and reinforces, the concepts of the Austrian School of Economics and the free market. I recommend this book for everyone, seventh grade and up. Hazlitt puts all the concepts of Freedom inside a story that is interesting and enlightening. A great beach or airplane read.

Income Tax is the root of all evil, just as Chorodov neatly details. Pick an ill within our society and you can link it back to the income tax quicker than you can link yourself back to Kevin Bacon. Chorodov efficiently and effectively destroys the reasoning behind the income tax. Read the book and be better prepared to attack income tax nonsense and defend Liberty.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, by Robert Murphy, will challenge your views on a lot of relevant matters. Whimsical and informative.

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