Thursday, September 14, 2006

Letter to the editor

Israel M. Kirzner is an economist from the Austrian School. In his article, Action-Knowledge and Information-Knowledge, he distinguishes between the two types of knowledge. Congressman Tiberi appears to grasp only the simpler information-knowledge as he doesn't seem to be able to utilize his information-knowledge as action-knowledge.

Dear Editor:

Some knowledge is only valuable if someone will act on it. In his letter, "Bill shines brighter light on federal spending," U.S. Rep. Tiberi expresses his support for another federal initiative, the creation of a Google-like search engine that will allow internet users the ability to see exactly where Washington is spending our money. Tiberi says that the search engine will give taxpayers the ability to determine if too much, or too little, money is being spent on federal programs. Well, I don't need another search engine to figure out that too much money is currently being spent. So, the question to Tiberi is: When are you going to act and do something about it? Only then will the additional knowledge be of any value to overburdened taxpayers.

Jim Fedako

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