Monday, May 03, 2010

I'll defend you right to drink raw milk

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I'll defend you right to drink raw milk
Jim Fedako

But, please, don't drink it in front of me.

A friend of mine in the liberty movement drinks raw milk. That's not for me.

What really offends me is that adults -- such as my friend -- have to sneak around in order to buy something they believe is healthy.

In a guest commentary in my local paper, I wrote: "Raw milk is not the issue, it's a symptom. The issue is our desire to rule over our neighbors through the use of government. And that desire gets fed each time another intrusive law passes without protest."


Anonymous said...

Great guest column. Sadly, 99% of the sheeple who read it likely either trailed off and went to the Dispatch to read the comics; scratched their heads afterward and mumbled, "What was that about!?", or pumped their fists in the air and reaffirmed fealty to Big Brother for banning such a socially unacceptable practice.

The Federalist Papers, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, the Constitution...were an evolution of--ultimately--nothingness. They are as relevant today as the Dead Sea Scrolls. They're just artifacts from a bygone era to be stared at through glass cases in taxpayer-funded museums. Talk about a perverse outcome...

Anonymous said...

I grew up drinking raw milk and find no reason why it should be against the law to do so.

Power hungry politicians need to be voted out of office!