Monday, December 04, 2006

How about just teaching math?

Ever wonder why there is so little time in schools for teachers to address the three R's? Read the following article from the latest edition of Teachers College Record, the mouthpiece of Columbia University's esteemed Teachers College:

Rethinking Terrestrial Pedagogy: Nature, Cultures, and Ethics

by Huey-li Li — 2006

In this article, I offer a clarification of the ambiguities surrounding the pivotal concepts that have shaped and will continue to shape environmental education movement in the United States and beyond: nature, conservation, sustainable development, and environmental justice. I point out that dualistic frameworks not only polarize environmental educators' ethical, political, and pedagogical values but also oversimplify complicated ecological issues. It is critical to generate inclusive and collective pedagogical efforts that recognize the interactions between the natural and the cultural, the possibility of integrating ecocentric and technocentric conservation education movements, and the need to foster humility for ongoing dialogues concerning sustainable development and environmental justice.

How about just teaching math instead of this muddled trash?

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