Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dewey and Destruction

Response to the article, The Welfare State's Attack on the Family.

In addition to the destruction caused by welfare programs, government, through the public school system, has also contributed to the break-up of the family. This has been done by pushing the Progressive ideals of John Dewey, the noted father of the modern American education system and believer in collectivism and socialism.

Dewey, and the other Progressives, adhered, and still adhere, to Trotsky's vision of the ideal superhuman who will arise from the socialist state and it's system of public education. The following quote from Dewey was made soon after his 1928 trip to Soviet Russia: "I have never seen anywhere in the world such a large proportion of intelligent, happy, and intelligently occupied children." Impressions of Soviet Russia, by John Dewey. If you want to learn more, head to the web magazine, TCRecord, published by Columbia University's Teachers College. There you will read that Dewey is still considered a hero of the education establishment.

Public schools, which teach the ideal of a state that has freed man from the burdens of traditional institutions, push a vision of the child untethered from any social norm and unconcerned about family and heritage.

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