Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Collectivist

Letters Editor:

In Sunday's Dispatch, William L. Bainbridge shows his true colors in "Home-schooling data need a closer look." Bainbridge is a collectivist; one who believes that we must all march in one step, and, more importantly, we all must march in step to the beat of his personal ideals. He is also a statist; one who believes that the state must assume responsibilities that should remain personal matters.

In all financial matters, accountability flows from the spender to the provider. Public schools are accountable to their taxpayers while privates schools are accountable to the parents who pay tuition. Families who chose to home school have made a personal family decision through which they consume no one else's dollar. These families are accountable only to themselves.

But, wait. The Bainbridges of the world believe that they can run your life better than you. They suffer from a belief in their own infallibility. You see, only the parent can make a poor decision, the Bainbridges are above the realm of mundane errors; they are omniscient. A quick history review of the twentieth century reveals the horrid results of this personality type.

When Bainbridge and others of his ilk appeal to "society," they really mean the system of coercion and compulsion that would force us all to the rice paddies for a stint of re-education, with Bainbridge chanting the party slogans hour after long hour.
The question you have to ask yourself is this, "Do you want Bainbridge sticking his nose in your personal decisions?" Based on his comments in this and prior articles, I'm certain that he is ready to guide your life. What happened to the American ideal of rugged individualism? Well, the ideal is slowly be eroded by the collectivist, statist push to overthrow individual liberty. Watch out.

Jim Fedako

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