Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Steve Volpe - Findings for Recovery

According to the Ohio State Auditor's website, "(a) finding for recovery is issued by the Auditor of State when public property has been misspent or misappropriated."

As you can see below, Steve Volpe had two findings against him, totaling over $1000. That is your money, your tax dollars.

Kingston Township needs trustees who are committed to protecting the public's property, not misspending or misappropriating it.

I have an Ohio Financial Accountability Certificate from the office of the Ohio Auditor of State and I am committed to protecting your tax dollars.

It is time for a change in Kingston Township. 

Vote for Jim Fedako

Paid for by Jim Fedako for Kingston Trustee, 4085 N State Route 61, Sunbury OH 43074

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