Friday, August 30, 2013

Brian Helwig for Olentangy School Board

Support Brian -- website found here.

It's time to bring more common sense back to the board ... Adam White is only one vote, he can't do it alone.

According to Helwig:

I am a better candidate because:
                    I do not believe in common core!
                    I believe we have a huge opportunity to improve our education system!
                    I know we don't need another levy!
                    I want to put Student Learning over Student Testing!

For me, opposition to additional taxes is a sufficient. Throw in Common Core and you got a winner.

Vote for Helwig!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mark Gerber -- a political thug

Dear Editor:
In his recent Letter to the Editor, Mark Gerber, Liberty Township fiscal officer, perverts the ideals that founded this nation. He desires a country (or township, at the very least) where the majority are wholly unconstrained – for his benefit, of course. So he agitates for a tax that is paid by only 5% of the township, but is reaped 100% by his parochial political class. This he terms democracy.

He shouts in the streets, “Tax the 5%!”
But didn’t this nation rebel against King and Parliament when it was 95% of the population taxing the other 5% – the Colonies?
One can assume that if Gerber found five wallets on the ground, instead of returning them, he would dredge up 95 folks willing to say, “Just keep ‘em.”
What Gerber terms democracy is the means that affords him – and his political class – the ability to use the majority to exercise ”a long train of abuses and usurpations” on the minority.
Seem liberty is lacking in Liberty.

The sweet irony that is the Joint Economic Development Zone

Dear Editor:

Oh, the sweet irony that is the Joint Economic Development Zone.

First, there is Republican Curt Sybert who recently announced he would not seek reelection to his Liberty Township trustee post. Instead, he will abuse the concept of no taxation without representation as he champions his new tax night and day.

Then, after burdening folks under the yoke of rising taxes, Sybert will run for Delaware County judge. Will he run on his conservative legacy: the perversion (er, reinterpretation) of an obscure tax law for the purpose of growing local governments? If so, his platform must not include integrity.

Finally, there are those most vocal against the new tax: local government employees. Liberty Township firefighter and union President Chalaco Clark lamented the dent the proposed tax will make in his wallet. But he made no similar declaration in defense of taxpayers when it was his levy on the ballot.

Doesn’t he realize the money Sybert wants from him was first found in the wallets of Liberty residents? In this instance, it sounds like the fox is being out foxed, and whining about the outcome.

The sweet irony of it all.