Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mark Gerber -- a political thug

Dear Editor:
In his recent Letter to the Editor, Mark Gerber, Liberty Township fiscal officer, perverts the ideals that founded this nation. He desires a country (or township, at the very least) where the majority are wholly unconstrained – for his benefit, of course. So he agitates for a tax that is paid by only 5% of the township, but is reaped 100% by his parochial political class. This he terms democracy.

He shouts in the streets, “Tax the 5%!”
But didn’t this nation rebel against King and Parliament when it was 95% of the population taxing the other 5% – the Colonies?
One can assume that if Gerber found five wallets on the ground, instead of returning them, he would dredge up 95 folks willing to say, “Just keep ‘em.”
What Gerber terms democracy is the means that affords him – and his political class – the ability to use the majority to exercise ”a long train of abuses and usurpations” on the minority.
Seem liberty is lacking in Liberty.

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