Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Big Olentangy Levy Lie (one of them, anyway)

Over at Olentangy for Kids, the folks are at it once again, stating the incomplete nonsense fed to them by the district officials. Note this statement: These additional taxes will not be collected until 2012.

For those of us who escrow our tax payments, we had better be making extra escrow payments now -- with the taxes being collected by your mortgage company today. Otherwise, should this expensive, unneeded levy pass, we will receive a big escrow catch-up bill early next year.

Remember, taxes are always in arrears. But they are effective the first of the year a new levy is passed. That is January 2011, not January 2012, as implied by the Olentangy for Administrators and Unions -- er, Olentangy for Kids.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vile political doublespeek

A boy is sexually assaulted in a Hilltop library and the library spokeswoman had this to say, "The library is truly a safe place."

Truly a safe place? Can she be serious?

Note: Bad things can happen anywhere. But do you claim the site of the crime "is truly a safe place?" Well, if you work for government, you do. So much for the myths that government keeps folks safe and tells the truth.

Kevin O'Brien boards the absurd train

O'Brien, the latest addition to the Olentengy school board, says he now favors a 7.9 mill levy since the district has "pledged to pursue budget reductions of about $5.5 million during the next three years."

So O'Brien is stating he wants more tax dollars from residents since the district has agreed that it doesn't need as much as it's asking for.


O'Brien, welcome aboard the absurd train. Keep this up and you will be the next board president.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unprincipled votes

We've had a few this past week or so.

1. Paul Lambert over at Hilliard schools voting "no" on the resolution of necessity. Keep in mind that this is the same Paul who commented on this blog that residents must have the chance to debate an issue on the way to the ballot box. So this means that Paul only voted "no" because he knew his vote would not keep the Hilliard issue off of the ballot. Principled? No.

2. Scott Galloway voting "no" the Olentangy ballot issue. Just like Paul, Gallowaste vote decided nothing. A lot of thunder but Galloway also stated the issue is needed. Principled? No.

3. The GOP for voting for repeal of Obamacare. They also knew their vote will not decide anything -- Obamacare will remain, at least until it can be morphed into Romneycare under a GOP president. If the GOP was true to its stance, they would be voting to repeal all of the unconstitutional nonsense from the last 150 years (since their party's founding). Principled? No.

Did anyone note that all above are Republicans -- in that they believe in Plato's Republic (right) instead of Rousseau's social contract (left)? None are advocating liberty. But did we expect as much?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The levy calculator over at has a neat, slick user interface. But it is chock-full of material errors, rendering it of little analytical value.

I believe this is the work of the gentleman who created a similar site for Westerville. Regardless, if you are looking to understand the financial issues around the Olentangy levy, is not the place for you.

Note: All is not lost, the site is salvageable. If anyone knows the creator, send him my way and I will list the errors that he needs to correct. With little effort, he could have a usable site.