Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Voting yourself a raise and increased benefits

Once again, we can assume the levy passed on the vote of district employees and their spouses. And we know the levy was simply about money for raises, benefits, etc. So, in the end, the employees voted themselves a raise and increased benefits. Hmmm.

Note: I know, I know, the levy was about the cuts and the kids. But the cuts were the hammer used to pass the levy. Rein in costs and the levy wasn't needed.


Anonymous said...


To my knowledge, there was never a timeframe stated for how long this levy money is to last before another one is presented to voters. Do you know if this is true?

Also, what are your thoughts regarding district size? How much growth is permitted? Is there a stopping point or does the ogre just keep growing until tax burdens overwhelm the majority and "No" finally wins?

Anonymous said...

We need to keep an eye on the school board. Make sure that they are being fiscally prudent. Call them out as soon as they violate one of their campaign promises. Keep this in front of the people. Start now.

Anonymous said...

Not reign; rein.

Jim Fedako said...

6:02 --

Ugh. Thanks for the catch.