Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Political Doublespeek

In today's edition of the OVN, Wade-O claims that the district will be doing more with less -- and this after passing a $25 million levy. Doesn't he really mean more with more?

In addition, Feasel states she has her work cut out for her -- and this after identifying only $100,000 in cost reductions. What a way to put a dent in the budget (or is it really a ding, or maybe a scratch, or ...?).


Anonymous said...

What is so tough for WadeO is that he and Wafeasel have to figure out a way to hide the additional spending from the taxpayer, so it looks like they are saving money in their tight budget!

Shall we start with the ADK trial program for 400 kids at the new elementary we have to open....along with the 350 pre-school kids?

Anonymous said...

I thought that all day kindergarten was a state mandate that OLSD got a waver on to avoid having to do it. Is it for low-income/at risk students in the district?

Anonymous said...

Dent, Ding, other? I think it's bird crap Jim. Feasel will have it washed off quickly with tax dollars handed to a highly paid public servant.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere WadeO goes he leaves his district broke. He left Coshocton Schools broke. Green Schools were in shambles when he left. Now he is breaking the bank in Olentangey. This is because he does not know how to spend within budgets. In fact he ignores them and just blames his problems on the lack of revenue. He is mostly cocerned with his own salary and taking his Assistant with him to every district he goes.