Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Friendly reminder -- tax effective day was 122 days ago

During the campaign, Olentangy for Kids made this statement: These additional taxes will not be collected until 2012.

For those of us who escrow our tax payments, we are already four months behind. Remember, taxes are always paid in arrears. But they are effective the first day of the year in which a new levy is passed. That means this new levy is effective January 1, 2011.

Better tighten your belts extra hard today and begin making additional escrow payments. You don't want to face a big escrow catch-up bill early next year.

Note: The sweet irony is that as you tighten, others loosen.


Anonymous said...

Jim....how long until they fill the unfilled Admin jobs? I bet it happens over the summer while nobody is looking!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it highly ironic that in his Thank You message today on the district's Get the Facts blog, Wade Lucas said he "truly appreciated the feedback he received from people on both sides of the issue. A school district functions best when it is a true partnership with its community."

LOL! Where was the partnership on this levy? The only one I saw was the one-side bulldozing of the levy brought about by an overzealous and undereducated OFK volunteer base. I wonder if most of these people even know they were promoting a permanent levy. I almost laughed when the district posted videos of Wade during an OFK training session and dubbed it a "community coffee chat". In it OFK volunteers could be heard asking how they should answer specific questions when they lobbied neighbors.

No public forums, no real input...just a smokescreen for a district that has grown way too accustomed to getting what it wants. I'm even more disappointed in voters who didn't take the time to really learn the facts and blindly put their faith in our district leaders to tell the real story. Shame on all of us. We'll be paying the price for years to come.

Anonymous said...


Correction, we'll be paying the price FOREVER, or until a vote to repeal it is passed.


Time to sell to some sucker who doesn't understand property taxes but thinks you just have to "pay for what you get."

Anonymous said...

Those decisions were made months ago waiting on the passage of the levy to put the plans in motion. Announcements will be forthcoming.

Indeed. If only there were about 1100 more like voters casting ballots on Tuesday.

Concur. Let the uneducated souls continue to reside and vote up their taxes for the benefit of the teachers and administrative wallets.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously considering moving. This extra $$$ simply is not in my budget. I don't get paid OT so working "extra hard" simply nets me a 1% raise like I've gotten the last 3 years. And I "get to keep my job."

Interesting posts on a message board yesterday about folks wanting to price the non-wealthy out of their district. That was something of which I didn't think. And I'm sure that it's a minority point of view. Still, reading that made me think that maybe I really don't belong here.

Anonymous said...

Question....could an issue be placed on the ballot to remove all the aggregate millage....and reissue a new initiative to right size the total millage??