Friday, April 15, 2011

Reason #8 for not supporting the levy

Olentangy for Kids loves to flaunt this graph -- it's the lead banner of the OFK dog and pony show:

Add 7.9 mills to Olentangy and the district is the only behind Bexley as far as school taxes.

Ten years ago, the district was one of the lowest taxed in the area. Now it is heading for second place.

Note: Ironically, the graph is under the heading, "My taxes seem high. Why is that?" Ok. Let me take that bait. Could the reason your taxes seem high be because they are high? Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

"Could the reason your taxes seem high be because they are high?" I think you're onto something, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Keep ignoring all the other ballot issues and the announcements that all these other districts are also seeking or will be seeking levies. The truth is we have always been and will remain in about the same spot on this list.

You make a good politician. Ignore the facts that don't make your point and spin the ones that do. How about some real truth for once?

Jim Fedako said...

10:28 --

You make a statement which suffers from the question begging epithet fallacy. I'll let you look that up.

The district has been moving up the list since the late 90's. And it will continue unless something is done.

The issue is not that others may ask for levies in the near future, the issue is OFK claiming that the district is low taxed.

But you chose to spin away from the OFK claim.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jim but Olentangy has been in that spot for at least the last two levy cycles or over 6 years. Maybe not 20 years ago when we were a one school district but since we became a truly suburban district our position on that list has been below the center line and it will continue.

Of course the issue is other districts asking for levies. You made the statement that because of the new levy request, the district is moving into the top of the tax list. Olentangy only moves there and stays there if all those other districts do not add to their tax burden. The fact is they all are because that is the reality of education funding in this state.

Your statement, at best, is misleading. Olentangy has and will remain in the future in the bottom half of that list.

Jim Fedako said...

11:02 --

This grows tiring. Why? You never performed the research I accused you of not performing. Yet you come back with more.

Next year, should the levy pass, Olentangy will be number 2. Any district (other than Bexley) will claim that they are lower taxed than Olentangy.

Now we have an issue -- the pro-tax folks in that district will be making a claim that contradicts your assertion. Hmmm.

So Olentangy will be both 2nd highest and one of the lowest at the same time. Makes my head spin.


(note: that was rhetorical)

Jim Fedako said...

I did NOT publish your last comment since your first line was in error. Bexley's 6.5 mill levy was on the ballot LAST YEAR.

No point in posting your nonsense.